Krono Original - German Laminate Flooring

Krono Original laminate flooring history.

Krono Original laminate flooring has been over 100 years in the business, has more than 30 factories around the world and many satisfied customers in over 90 countries.

What began in an Austrian sawmill back in 1897 has since become a global success story. As the world’s leading manufacturer of laminate flooring, Krono Original have established their reputation in over 90 countries around the world. That is due in no small part to their pursuit of perfection.

Krono Original Laminate Flooring NZ
Krono Original German Laminate Flooring
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Krono Original today.

Krono Original leave nothing to chance and make everything themselves, including manufacturing the core boards, making the adhesive and producing the impregnates – vertical integration that gives total control over every single detail. You can see the result on their floors.

Krono Original Laminate Flooring

Krono Original laminate floors are:

  • Robust: Impact, shock, and pressure-resistant. Scratch and abrasion resistant due to its especially hard surface finish.
  • Durable: concentrated single loads from furniture or other heavy objects will not damage Krono Original laminate flooring, and normally no pressure marks remain.
  • Heat-proof: Krono Original laminate flooring is flame resistant.
  • Light-fast: Krono Original laminate flooring will not discolour or fade from direct exposure to sunlight – our flooring is UV light resistant.
  • Natural: Krono Original laminates are made from 90 percent wood, which is sourced from sustainable forestry practices.
  • Easy to install: quickly and easily thanks to the Krono Original Twin Clic System and the 1clic2go System.
  • Multi-Patent Indemnity: enjoy the guarantee provided by multi-patent protection for all of our products and unlimited product use in the adhesive-free click systems.
  • Anti-allergy: dust, dander and hair have no place to hide.
  • Conveys heat: suitable for warm water underfloor heating systems
  • Long-lasting: length of life for laminate flooring in a living room is 15 to 20 years
  • Integrated Aqua Stop System: Waterproofed HDF (high density fibreboard) base provides the highest core protection
  • Perfect and natural-looking laying pattern: Extra-long panel end pieces (min. 12 cm) to avoid the appearance of a bothersome “building block” look.
  • Perfect fitting accuracy: thanks to high-tech production, invisible joints guarantee protection against moisture and dirt, an accurate fit and a natural laying pattern.

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