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Krono Original® Khaki Oak

Only $40/m2 (incl gst). Limited stock!

Krono Original® AC4 wear class laminate flooring

For heavy domestic and medium commercial use of laminate flooring.

  • Size 192 x 1285 x 8mm
  • Aquastop 8mm
  • Anti-Bacterial coating
  • Beveled edge to define plank
  • 20-year guarantee

Krono Original® laminate wood flooring main features:

Micro-Scratch Protect
Scratch Resistant Laminate Flooring

This extraordinarily durable surface will protect your floors even better against micro-scratches which can occur through heavy use. With Micro-scratch Protect, your laminate wood flooring will have the best possible protection against everyday wear and tear.

A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating
Krono Original - Anti-Bacterial Coating

Naturally, it’s important to you that your floor stays as clean and free from bacteria as possible. While we cannot see bacteria, we know the kinds of harm it can cause if it is not eliminated: it can cause heightened allergies and cause disease. For this reason, Krono Original® incorporates A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating into all of its laminate flooring, an antibacterial coating that leaves bacteria with no place to grow. Bacteria and other microbes can be carried onto the floor via shoes, spilt liquids, animals and other sources. But together with a regular hygienic cleaning, Krono Original® A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating provides the comforting feeling of healthy surroundings.

Stain & Imprint Resistant
Stain Resistant Laminate Flooring

Whatever you might spill, be it red wine, oil or jam, don’t panic; it can be easily removed. Krono Original® is also abrasion resilient, robust and proven to be one of the most resistant floorings available, even heavy furniture won’t leave an imprint. Please use felt pads for furniture and ensure that swivel chairs are fitted with soft castors.

Endless Beauty
Krono Original - Endless Beauty

An “endless” appearance is made possible by a seamless transition of design and structure from one laminate panel to the next. With almost invisible joints at the panel’s short side, Endless Beauty laminate gives the look and feel of endlessly long boards and thus has the effect of visually enlarging your room.

Authentic Embossed
Krono Original - Authentic Embossed Laminate Flooring

Authentic Embossed laminate flooring from Krono Original® stands for a naturally beautiful surface that is barely noticeably different from a real hardwood floor. Synchronous pore combines the look of a real hardwood floor with the convenience and practicality of high-quality laminate flooring. Authentic Embossed Synchronous Pore: authenticity that you can see and feel!

Laminate Flooring Guarantee NZ

Manufacturer 20-30 years guarantee for domestic use.

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