Amalfi Oak

$108.78 per carton | $49 per sq. metre


Size 192 x 1285 x 8mm

Each carton contains 2.22m2

O.R.C.A. Moisture Defense Technology

AC5 commercial wear rating

Micro-scratch protect surface

Light resistance

Anti-Bacterial coating

Zero VOC

Pet Friendly

Stain & Imprint resistant

Carbon Neutral

Highest indoor air quality certification A+


30-year warranty

Made in Germany

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Review the E3 ASI Amendment – Binyl Pro.

How many cartons should I order?

If you’re not sure how many cartons of this laminate you need, enter the floor area that you wish to cover and we’ll estimate the minimum number of cartons you should order.

Be sure to add a wastage allowance. A typical wastage allowance is 10%, but it depends on your project.

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