Ciranova Unicare X-Matt 750 ML


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This is a maintenance product suitable for lacquered and laminate floors.

Ciranova Unicare X-Matt provides an extra protective layer to all types of matte floors. It can also be used on laminate or matte waterborne finishes.

Ciranova Unicare X-Matt provides an extra protective film and hides micro-scratches, maintaining the original look of the floor. The extra matte protection ensures that the finishing layer is maintained longer and prevents dirt becoming ingrained.

How many cartons should I order?

If you’re not sure how many cartons of this laminate you need, enter the floor area that you wish to cover and we’ll estimate the minimum number of cartons you should order.

Be sure to add a wastage allowance. A typical wastage allowance is 10%, but it depends on your project.

Minimum cartons required: 0