H20 Ontario Oak

$130.98 per carton | $59 per sq. metre


H2O-Floor with its Moisture Defense Technology is a safe bet when it comes to everyday mishaps. You no longer have to worry about minor water damage from every day occurrences such as a spilled drink. H2O-Floor is made with O.R.C.A. technology with stands for “Organic Rigid Coreboard Antistatic“. It unites the best qualities of biologically based floors and conventional waterproof floor coverings. In O.R.C.A., organic materials are made resistant to liquids due to its unique technological design. The wood fibres are mechanically processed multiple times in a special production process to obtain especially small fibres. Further on in the manufacturing process a specially developed, organic-chemical binding agent surrounds even the finest fibres and isolates them from moisture.

H2O-Floor is easy to install due to the innovative 1clic 2go installation system, which requires no plastic insert strips.


  • Size 192 x 1285 x 8mm
  • Each carton contains 2.22m2
  • O.R.C.A. Moisture Defense Technology
  • Micro-scratch protect surface
  • Light resistance
  • Anti-Bacterial coating
  • Pet Friendly
  • Stain & Imprint resistant
  • V-Groove
  • 30-year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Check out this helpful Installation Guide.

How many cartons should I order?

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