Protect your kids thanks to the antibacterial coating on laminate wood flooring!

Live healthily on antibacterial laminate wood flooring.

Antibacterial laminate wood flooring from Krono Original® is exceptionally easy to keep clean and comes with a special anti-bacterial coating. It is also free of substances which are known to trigger allergies, such as wood preservatives or PVC.

Laminate is the perfect flooring for allergy sufferers, families with babies and for anyone who values the comfort in cleanliness.

Antibacterial laminate wood flooring – the basis for healthy living.

Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief with Krono Original® laminate: the bonded flooring surface does not provide allergy-causing microorganisms with a breeding ground

Krono Original® laminate flooring doesn’t give dust a chance.

Antibacterial laminate wood flooring from Krono Original® does not give dust a chance to adhere to its surface. Also, cleaning your laminate floor is a breeze – simply wipe with a damp cloth and your floor will shine like new.

Choose a laminate floor that will allow you to breathe deeply in your own home!

What is meant by Antimicrobial and Antibacterial floors?

Whether it’s three, five, or even 10 seconds, since the early days on the playground, almost everyone knows if you drop a piece of food, there is a brief period of grace where you can pick it up and (possibly) eat it. While that few-second rule may just have been a childhood myth, that might not be the case anymore. New floor trends that are on the rise include the terms “antimicrobial” and “antibacterial.” With Krono Original’s unique “anti-bacterial“ abilities, now that ‘few-second’ rule may just have been extended.

Before you rush out to your flooring distributor to buy a new anti-bacterial treated floor, beware of this: not every floor currently available as antimicrobial and/or antibacterial actually fulfils this promise. While these terms are popping up more and more recently in flooring choices, it’s only a select few floor types that have earned these monikers in 2017. So what do these “anti-“ powers entail?

For starters, you can put away your antibacterial hand sanitizer, because these floor types don’t need that type of protection, as it’s already built in. Other flooring choices that fall under this category can have a protective coating applied to the floor, but that covers only a select few options, such as laminate. Another choice that is available as both an antimicrobial and an antibacterial floor is none other than cork, as this floor naturally contains a waxy surface. That surface, called suberin, repels insects, bacteria, vermin, microbes, and other germs that could be residing on a busy floor’s surface.

Another flooring type you’ll see while browsing this advancing category is ceramic tile (which makes perfect sense as it is frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens). In general, the natural, hard surface of ceramic tiles won’t harbour any germs or other allergens that can get trapped in other floor types. (Asthma sufferers rejoice!) But, depending on what brand of ceramic tile you purchase, some have even been created with ways to jump-start the antibacterial process, such as using sunlight to activate a chemical on the tiles’ surface to oxidize germs, or the high temperature at which the tiles have been produced can help get rid of these pollutants.

While there still may be ways to go before having every flooring choice encompassed as antimicrobial or antibacterial, some more porous flooring choices can have an antimicrobial or antibacterial protective coating applied to them, that can help prevent germs on these types of floors as well. Currently, this protective coating can be applied to laminate floorings, such as Krono Original laminate as well as luxury vinyl floors (LVT) and concrete floors.

With these advanced new flooring types, the few-odd-second rule for dropping food on the ground is no longer just a playground myth. Your floor will be protected from germs, microbes, bacteria, and more because of the advanced anti-bacterial coating and you can rest easy when your family decides to have a picnic on your floor!

As you can see, there is another good reason for choosing European made antibacterial laminate wood flooring.